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      Using fire pits

      Over the holiday weekend you may want to start a fire in a pit. Can you actually have an open fire pit in the U.P.?

      Stacy Ragusett writes "I called the Marquette City Fire last year to ask if there was any burn bans. They told me no matter what I couldn't burn in the limits, in my little decorative covered fire pit."

      If you're a resident in Marquette City you are not allowed to use a fire pit. It's different in every community.

      In Escanaba and Houghton you can use one, as long as its covered.

      Dell Kab, Lowes Assistant Store Manager, says make sure you use it correctly.

      "Do not use it on the deck, the wood. Do not use it in an area where there's a lot of mulch. You need a surface that's concrete based or something where the fire does not have a chance to get caught and become a hazard towards you, your family, and friends," said Kab.

      Facebooker Shawn Stanley comments "Not a good idea when homes are close together. It's hard to cover the fire properly, so other property is put at risk."

      Before lighting your fire pit, keep in mind the weather conditions. Pete Glover, Fire Supervisor says it's best to call your local department of natural resources to find out if it's safe.

      "The higher the temperature, the stronger the winds and the lower the relative humidity. So the warmer, the drier and the windier it is the more likely fires will spread," said Glover.

      No matter where you live officials recommend you call your local fire department to get permission and find out if conditions are safe for a fire. Remember it's better to be safe than sorry.