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      USOEC athletes and coaches react to wrestling ax

      Starting in 2020, the sport of wrestling will be officially tossed out of the Olympics.

      The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently made the decision to drop the sport. But there is still a chance wrestling will be a part of 2020 Olympics. It'll be competing with seven other sports for an open slot in the games that year. Athletes and coaches say they are disappointed.

      "They don't post the world championships on TV so no one can see it. For my friends that did go to the Olympics in London last year, I'm like, hey I know that guy and one day that could be me. If they take it out, I can't do that," said USOEC wrestler, Nick Alvarez.

      "Every amateur athlete that is in the sport, their ultimate goal is to make the Olympic team. That's the highest pedestal of any amateur athlete, and so it's going to hurt us," said USOEC Greco-Roman Wrestling Coach, Rob Hermann.

      Wrestling was one of nine sports featured in the first Olympics back in Athens in 1896.