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      Vaccinations: Friend or foe?

      To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

      Now that it's back to school time, parents are being urged by doctors and public schools to get their children vaccinated. But these days, more and more parents are choosing to not vaccinate their children, according to

      But why?

      Dr. Brandon Turino, owner of Integrated Wellness Chiropractic, says it's because parents are becoming more informed when it comes to vaccines and says vaccines may sometimes do more harm than good.

      "In the United States, our Federal Government has given out almost two billion dollars to parents of vaccine-injured children. So it is a real thing. It does exist," said Dr. Turino.

      Dr. Turino also says vaccines can cause the humoral branch, one of the main branches of the immune system, to overshadow the other, causing Humoral Shift.

      "Humoral shift means that now, the humoral branch of the immune system is much stronger than the cellular branch, or the first responder branch, and we see sensitivity as a result of that," Dr. Turino said.

      One common misconception among parents is that children must receive all vaccines. In actuality, children can either get all the vaccines, only certain ones, or none at all.

      But the medical community strongly believes in vaccines and say numerous studies prove the benefits.

      "There are many vaccinations available to prevent what used to be fatal illnesses and are still fatal illnesses if people don't get immunized. The deaths from many common illnesses have now been reduced, if not eliminated, because children get immunizations," said Dr. David Shahbazi, Marquette General Family Medicine.

      Dr. Shahbazi also says in the future, we should expect even more vaccines to become available, and that they will be needed.

      "The bacterial infections that are out there are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics. And so for some infections, the only real good tool we have is to prevent it by stimulating your own body to make antibodies through immunizations," Dr. Shahbazi said.

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