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      Vandalized transmission lines deemed dangerous

      It looks like a war zone at the Forestville Gorge, but the only things that are being damaged are power lines.

      People are using the transmission lines for target practice, and the next shot could be deadly.

      "Worst case scenario is that someone would shoot an insulator or a conductor and bring it down, and it could kill them by electrocution or it could start a fire. And with the drought conditions we've had, it's a very real risk," said ATC Regional Manager Brett French.

      Not only is it dangerous, but it's also costing American Transmission Company up to $50,000 a year for repairs.

      Near the gorge, ATC has made at least ten repairs to mend the lines and also replace poles. When they make the fixes, sometimes power outages come with them.

      All around the ground up here are several piles of empty shell casings. And by the looks of it, they're shooting everything from BB guns, to pistols, to high-powered rifles.

      They've put up signs, notifying the shooters that it's dangerous and a crime to shoot the lines, but those just made for more targets. So now, ATC is looking to the Marquette County Sheriff's office for help.

      "The Sheriff's office is going to take a more aggressive patrol, due to the fact that we do have a problem, and a problem that continues, so we will be providing patrol by foot, patrol by four wheelers, and our vehicles. Just to let the public know, we will be there, and we will be enforcing the law to the fullest," said Lieutenant Steve Kangas from the Marquette County Sheriff's Office.

      If you know who is vandalizing the power lines, the Sheriff's office is asking you to call them at 225-8435.