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      Vandenboom Elementary is site for new Community Garden

      A new community garden will be going up at Vandenboom Elementary School on Saturday. The group Marquette Growth will be hosting workshops to build the garden from 11AM until 6:30PM. The "food forest" will have everything from fruit trees to potatoes planted by volunteers. Marquette Growth already manages a community garden at Graveraet school where about 40 volunteers come and go to work and get their food.

      "We're just trying to grow food together so that people have a better idea of how to grow food and where their food comes from," Marquette Growth President Miriah Redmond said. "We do it together so it creates a sense of community."

      Marquette growth is hoping to expand their gardens to new locations around town. They will be holding a fundraiser for the Vandenboom garden after the workshops conclude on Saturday at Blackrocks Brewery.