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      Vegan Christmas

      Holiday meals are something people look forward to, but the sugary and fattening items aren't always the healthiest choice.

      Some are turning to vegan alternatives for Christmas. Groceries and restaurants in Escanaba say they're seeing veganism as a growing trend.

      Bobaloons Cafà in Escanaba has a variety of vegetarian and vegan items. But vegan items are quite costly compared to traditional protein-loaded products.

      None of the ingredients contain any animal products. Ever heard of meatless pepperoni? Or a soybean protein that has a turkey flavor?

      â??For a substitute for a traditional holiday meal item that would be on your dinner table, we decided to use tofurkey" says Mark Ammel, Owner of Bobaloons CafÃ.

      The cafà has a variety of vegetarian and vegan items. While these foods do cut down on fat, doctors do have offer one suggestion.

      â??If someone is completely vegan, they need to make sure they're eating properly,â?? explains Dr. Melissa Vandermissen. â??And these people should supplement with vitamins."

      Still, going vegan can help with weight loss. The general manager of Elmerâ??s County Market says he's lost 28 pounds on a similar diet.

      â??People have to decide what motivates them, because it isn't easy at first if you're used to eating a lot of meat,â?? says General Manager Rob Stende. â??It's a big change, but itâ??s surprising how easy it is."

      Stende says that early next year, there will be a freezer full of vegan and vegetarian items. Theyâ??re expected to be a little pricier because the products aren't mass-made.

      Despite the cost, Mark Ammel says consider the benefits and try it once.

      â??If you've got an open mind, it's going to taste good. Itâ??s going to be good enough to satisfy you. But if you really want to eat turkey, then you should just eat turkey," says Ammel.