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      Verdict reached in chiropractor sex crime trial

      A guilty verdict for the former Munising chiropractor charged with multiple counts of sexual assault. Fifty-four-year-old George Young was found guilty on seven out of the eight counts of fourth degree Criminal Sexual Conduct.

      Young took the stand on Thursday. During defense questioning, Young demonstrated exactly how he adjusted each of the victims.

      Young claims even though he had skin-to-skin contact with the victims' breasts, he says it wasn't with a sexual purpose. He says he was taught in school to have skin-to-skin contact. When asked about draping patients:

      "When the prosecution talks to you about a sexual boundaries class, did they talk to you anything about draping?" said Brandon Rickard, Defense Attorney. "No," said Young. "Was there a policy on it?" Rickard asked. "No," Young said.

      A jury-submitted question involved the appropriate use of gowns. Young says he was never taught to use drapings.

      "Do you believe, as a doctor, it is your responsibility or the patient's to ask for a gown or need of a gown?" said Judge William Carmody.

      "If the patient is uncomfortable, I think it is the patient's responsibility," Young said.

      The prosecution also asked Young about his sexual addictions.

      "Do you acknowledge being addicted to sex?" said Karen Bahrman, Prosecutor. "Yes, but that does not mean that I did anything in my profession to have anything to do with that. That never spilled over into my profession. My profession is sacred. I'm helping people," Young explained.

      The prosecution questioned Young as to why there were no records of the rib adjustments. Young claims HealthQuest told him not to include them in his records.

      He will be sentenced December 16 and is lodged at the Schoolcraft County jail.