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      Veterans enjoy annual Patient Carnival at VA

      You couldn't find better weather or better company on Thursday than at the annual Patient Carnival at the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Facility in Iron Mountain.

      The decades-long tradition of games, food and music brought out families, friends, and volunteers who spend much of their time caring for the veterans.

      â??Iâ??ve been here almost 15 years and it's been going on that long,â?? said Marine Corps League representative, Raymond Hamm. â??We take them to the local restaurants, the museums; we'll take them to the state fair in Escanaba and Norway. We try to keep them out as often as we can.â??

      Groups like the Marine Corps League, the Disabled Veterans of America, and many more provided carnival games with money and prizes for the veteran residents of the VA.

      â??I think it's wonderful to see all the smiling faces,â?? said WWII veteran, Glenn Johnson. â??Thatâ??s worthwhile coming here just for that.â??

      Catered food and private entertainment was enjoyed under a large tent, where families of the veterans joined in. The veterans say they're always overwhelmed by the generosity of the volunteers.

      â??I never knew there were so many groups that came here volunteering and giving up their time,â?? Johnson said. â??I think it's wonderful, the volunteers, what they're doing here.â??

      Although the veterans are grateful for what the volunteers were doing here, the volunteers would probably say they're grateful for what the veterans have already done.