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      Veteran's MOVE! toward healthier living

      The MOVE! Program is designed by the VA's National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

      The four-month program educates veterans on exercising, healthy food choices, and proper portions to lose weight and achieve an overall lifestyle change.

      â??The purpose is to make sure we can have our veterans maintain a normal healthy weight and be healthier by losing weight,â?? says health coordinator Brenda Reed. â??Weight loss can help with managing a lot of other chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart problems, and managing cholesterol,â?? Brenda says.

      Veterans meet once a month to discuss diet tips and struggles and to check their weight loss progress. Roger Newhouse participated in the program for a year now and has lost 70 pounds. He says shedding the weight changed his life.

      â??In addition to losing the weight when I first came here, I was taking 29 different medications. I probably took away over 25 because of my weight loss,â?? says Roger. â??I just feel so much better. I have so much energy to do things.â??

      He says it's a never-ending battle, but the group helps him keep moving forward. Now he only has 30 pounds left to lose to reach his overall weight loss goal of 100 pounds.

      Any veterans interested in the program can contact their medical provider or call 1-800-215-8262 ext 32159.