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      Vets protest cuts

      Demonstrators lined up outside the Jacobetti Home for Veterans in Marquette Wednesday protesting against what they say is an $11 billion cut in Veteran Administration funding in the proposed House Republican budget plan. The vote was scheduled to be voted on Thursday. Most of the people at the protest were veterans who are worried about what the cuts could mean for them.

      "The V.A. is a lifetime thing for me. I go see it every two weeks just for medication and to make sure my blood is in order. If they cut that back, I don't know what the big drastic measure is going to be or what to do to make sure we have this. Prosthetics are my every day mobility, and if I can't get a service every day, then I'm basically stuck in a wheelchair," said war veteran, Derek Gagne.

      When contacted by Upper Michigan's Source, Congressman Dan Benishek's office said, "The claim that the House budget plan reduces spending for veterans is factually incorrect." The plan supported by Dr. Benishek actually increases spending for veterans by 4.3 percent.