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      Victim awareness

      In honor of Victims' Rights Week, the Delta County Crime Victim's Rights committee is raising awareness and honoring some local citizens.

      Marc Sundquist and his daughter were victims of a car accident, it left him unconscious and barely breathing. However, he survived by the help of Pamela Farrell who saw what happened and immediately went to help.

      "She's a first responder at the paper mill. She's highly qualified to assist, and if it wasn't for Pam, I probably wouldn't be here right now," said Sundquist.

      Sunday evening, the Sundquist family, along with other victim services organizations, recognized her efforts in saving his life.

      "It didn't just help him, it helped his entire family. It's a life changing event, but it's not just a life changing event for him. It is for me, also; it makes me look at things completely different," said Farrell.

      Not many people know about the services out there to help victims.

      The prosecuting attorney's office helps connect victims with services that help them understand their legal rights in a situation. They also help them through the process of coping with what happened as well as getting counseling.

      "Often, victims have never had any contact with the criminal justice system or courts or attorneys, and so it's foreign to them. It's our job to educate them, make them understand the process," said Steve Parks, Prosecuting Attorney.

      Law enforcement also play a huge part since they initially come in contact with the victims. They also do their best to make sure justice is served for those victims.

      Detective Sergeant Jean Belanger with the Michigan State Police was also honored for her work with victims.

      "By solving a crime, that helps them bring closure and a conclusion to what they have been through. It provides them with, I think, a sense of satisfaction," said Jean Belanger.

      Officials say it's necessary to keep spreading the word of all the services out there.