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      Victims of alleged sexual assault testify in court

      Tuesday was day two for the Ruben Gonzales trial.

      Gonzales is charged with multiple counts of first and second-degree criminal sexual conduct. Both of the victims, who were under the age of 10 when the alleged assault occurred, testified in court on Tuesday.

      The victims say Gonzales touched them inappropriately on numerous occasions while they were staying at their grandmother's home for summer vacation. One of the victims said it happened two years ago.

      The prosecuting attorney James Jessup asked the victims what happened and they both said they were telling the truth about Gonzales. During cross examination, defense attorney Beth Lacosse revealed previous testimony from both of the victims and says the statements do not match up.

      The prosecution's final witness, an expert on child sexual abuse, will testify on Wednesday, and the defense will start presenting its case.