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      Victims testify in armed robbery case

      Bernard Fish

      Two victims in the Watton armed robbery case from August took the stand on Tuesday, testifying in Baraga County District Court against one of the suspects, Bernard Fish.

      Fish is facing two counts of armed robbery, extortion, unlawful imprisonment, and one count of impersonating a police officer to commit a crime, which are all felonies.

      Two of the victims took the stand saying Fish and his accomplice, Donovan Lee Waupoose, came to their Watton home claiming to be U.S. Marshals. They said they were on assignment to bust an illegal marijuana growing operation.

      "Did he have anything in his hand while this was going on?" asked Joseph O'Leary, prosecuting attorney.

      "Yes, sir, he had a revolver. He was pointing it at the house...and he was pointing it at me. He wanted me to come out of that house. His last words to me, 'If you don't come out of that house, I'm going to shoot your buddy,'" testified one victim.

      The defense had acquired new information on Tuesday morning and they'll be reviewing it. Fish's hearing will continue next Tuesday at 10 a.m. Witnesses are expected to testify once again.