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      Video of homeless vet's makeover viewed 5M times

      <p>Jim Wolf, Army Veteran, Before &amp; After Makeover shot</p>

      GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) - A video chronicling the makeover of a Michigan homeless veteran has been viewed millions of times online.

      The nearly three-minute video featuring Jim Wolf of Grand Rapids has gotten more than five million clicks on YouTube as of Saturday.

      The video, produced by community event organizer Rob Bliss with support from a nonprofit group helping homeless veterans, features Wolf's time-lapsed makeover. Stylist Anna Walt cuts and styles his hair, trims his beard and then he puts on a new suit, shirt and tie.

      The video published Wednesday says Wolf volunteered for the "transformation." He's scheduled to have his own housing and attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for the first time.

      Released before Veteran's Day, the video encourages people to donate to Degage Ministries "to help other homeless veterans."To watch the video, click here.