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      Vietnam Wall stands tall in Gladstone

      Gladstone residents will be able to remember those who lost their lives in the Vietnam war this week.

      The traveling Vietnam Wall Memorial a near exact replica of the one in Washington D.C has been set up in Van Cleve Park. Earlier Tuesday afternoon a procession, made up of 60 Patriot Guard Riders, led the wall from the Island Resort and Casino to the park. It took a group of 20 volunteers about two and a half hours to set up the 360 foot wall. City officials say the wall serves an important role in the community.

      "Gladstone is a pretty small community, so to celebrate our 125th anniversary by bringing a Vietnam Veteran Wall to Van Cleve Park, I think it's going to be huge, the people that are doing to turn out this week," said Gladstone City Manager Darla Falcon.

      The memorial is open 24 hours a day until July 7th at 7 p.m.