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      Views and brews in Marquette County

      As snow starts to melt, waterfalls really start to flow. Marquette County has 77 waterfalls, which is the most of any county in the state.

      The Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau wants local residents and visitors to get out and check them out, so they named the week of April 21-27 as Waterfall Week.

      The week involves a partnership with four local breweries, according to Alison Silk of the CVB.

      "We have flowing waterfalls, flowing kind of just works," said Silk.

      The 'Views and Brews' scavenger hunt comes at a perfect time.

      "With all the snow melting, the waterfalls are just gushing with water, and it's an awesome time to check them out," Silk said.

      If you take a picture of yourself in front of one of seven waterfalls in Marquette County, you can bring it to one of four local watering holes to redeem a special pint glass with a purchase.

      The waterfalls are: Carp River Morgan Creek Falls, Carp River Upper Falls, Dead River Falls Forestville, Dead River Falls Wright Street, Little Garlic River Falls, Warner Creek Falls and Yellow Dog River 510 Falls. The participating breweries are: Jasper Ridge Brewery, Blackrocks Brewery, the Vierling Restaurant and Ore Dock Brewing Company.

      Anjila Holland, the associate general manager of the Ore Dock, has visited all seven waterfalls this week. She encouraged everyone to take advantage of the beautiful spring sights.

      "All they have to do is come in. We have a beer on tap that is just for this week, for Waterfall Week, but we're hopefully going to be able to brew it every year, and we named it Dead River Drop Saison. So each brewery got to choose a waterfall, and we themed the beer after that waterfall," said Holland.

      "We like to promote ourselves to new visitors and tourism, but there are so many great places in Marquette that even residents haven't explored," Silk added

      There is also a geocaching scavenger hunt being organized through Switchback Gear Exchange in Marquette. Learn more about that at

      Silk said the event has been so successful that they are already planning for next year.

      "We have some exciting new features we're going to add," she said. "So people can stay tuned, check our website for more information, or contact the Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau."