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      Vintage car heaven

      The weeklong events continue for the Model A Ford Club of America. While some Model As were in a parade from Ishpeming to Negaunee, others were in the Superior Dome for the public car show and judging.

      Hundreds of people filled the dome to get a look at the fully restored classic cars. The top show cars were judged on a variety of characteristics, and once the judging was over, the public had their chance to appreciate the Model As.

      "What an incredible opportunity for Marquette and all of Marquette County to have this event here. Everyone has just been dazzled for the last week watching these cars run around," said Marquette Mayor John Kivela. "The cars here at the dome tonight are the cream of the crop, some of the finest Model As in the world."

      Ford's 20 millionth vehicle was also on display with crowds gathered around to see the historic auto. The Model A Ford Convention wraps up Friday, but for the proud owners of these historic autos, this is a lifelong passion.