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      Vintage cars roll into Jacobetti

      Veterans at the DJ Jacobetti home in Marquette took advantage of Wednesday's beautiful weather and saw some classic wheels as well.

      The annual vintage car show is put on by a group of local car buffs who call themselves the Pasty Crew. More than 20 cars, ranging from Model As and Model Ts to 1950s Hudsons, were on display. This event gives the veterans a chance to reminisce about their own cars.

      "Our members here look forward to seeing these cars because a lot of them owned vehicles similar to these in years past, so there's always stories to tell," said Volunteer Coordinator Ken Arseneau. "Brings back a lot of memories. That's part of what it's all about; it's a chance to visit, so it's another connection back into the community."

      Members of the Pasty Crew said they enjoy showing off their classic cars. The show was from 12-2 p.m. The veterans also enjoyed cake and ice cream after the show.