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      Vintage clothing pop-up shop visits Hancock

      Hilary Blochâ??s vintage small business, Vere de Vere Vintage, set up in a cozy Hancock studio to take people back to a simpler time.

      Racks with mink coats and classic suit sets, dating back to the 1930s through the 1960s, filled the room for a special pop-up sale.

      â??My business, as a pop-up business, is hosted by other businesses, and I open up a full-scale vintage clothing boutique for one night only,â?? explained Bloch.

      Vere de Vere Vintage began ten years ago as a clothing outlet on eBay until Bloch saw the success of a friendâ??s pop-up restaurant.

      â??I thought that that was a fantastic idea and that I would be able to easily implement that into my business model,â?? Bloch said.

      Thus began her own pop-up shop. Though she lives in Marquette, she travels from city to city selling clothing, handbags, and accessories she buys at estates. Bloch visits people in their homes to give them an evaluation of their vintage clothing and fixes them up to sell.

      â??I like to get to know the families and get to know who these women were, what their tastes in fashion were, and more about their lives,â?? Bloch said.

      Bloch said not having a physical storefront allows her to be a full-time mom and gives her the chance to travel.

      â??I get to build relationships with other interesting local businesses, and I donâ??t have to have the overhead and time commitment that would be involved with a brick and mortar shop,â?? she explained.

      She said she hopes to one day have a traveling studio bus to take her work across the country.