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      Vintage planes to fly over during Iron Mountain parade

      Courtesy: Lee Guizzetti

      Parade-goers in Iron Mountain and Kingsford will be in for a treat this Fourth of July.

      A group of vintage war planes will be flying over the parade as part of the festivities, thanks to the group, "Americans for Constitutional Enforcement". This is the second year this patriotic flyover will take place and includes three World War Two and Korean War planes that will pass over at the beginning of the parade.

      â??They will line up one, two, three following each other and will do a low run coming down over the parade route, low, fast, and loud,â?? said ACE President, Lee Guizzetti. â??Thatâ??s just a great crowd pleaser and it's our pleasure to bring this to the community, the Iron Mountain, Kingsford area.â??

      The lead plane is a Korean War-era Pilatus, which came from Switzerland and had been used to train Swiss pilots. The second plane is a Yak52, which was used by the Soviets to train Russian sky jockeys in the 1980â??s. The third aircraft is a T6 Texan, known as the â??Pilot Makerâ??, was used to train U.S. Army and Air Force trainees to fly combat missions in Europe. Two of the planes were shipped directly from Europe to the United States by steamship and delivered to the pilots.

      The pilots are part of a group of out-of-state volunteers that started putting on air shows to honor the country, servicemen and women, and military veterans.