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      Vintage snowmobiles on display

      Hundreds of people drove their vintage snowmobiles to Rapid River Saturday.

      It was the 7th Annual Rapid River Relic Riders Snowmobile Show and Swap. Around 150 snowmobiles were on display this year, many of which were over 50 years old.

      This year, the Relic Riders showcased Ski-Doo snowmobiles, but there was a little bit of everything.

      Dwight Scheidel came all the way from Grand Rapids for the show with some friends and family. He brought four classic snowmobiles, but his favorite part is mingling with old and new faces.

      "It's a fun get-together. You get to tell stories and reminisce and it takes you back. Everybody has a good time," said Scheidel, snowmobiler.

      Money raised from the show will benefit local charities and scholarships.