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      Viva l'Italia!

      If youâ??re craving some authentic Porketta, Iron Mountain is where youâ??ll want to be this Saturday.

      Itâ??s the seventh annual Italian Fest in Dickinson County, and preparations have already begun. Friday afternoon, coordinators and volunteers began setting up for the festival that celebrates this area's heritage. For starters, the massive white tent was raised and plenty of tables and chairs were arranged.

      If your mouth is still watering after thinking about that Porketta sandwich, fear not, because there will be plenty of vendors selling authentic Italian cuisine throughout the entire festival.

      â??[Itâ??s] a way to really have a unique and a type of heritage festival that really celebrates the community,â?? said festival coordinator, Jonathan Ringel. â??We have a strong Italian heritage here in Iron Mountain, [that] helped found our community with the mining that occurred here, and we thought, â??What better way to celebrate than having an Italian fest.â??â?? Kidsâ?? games, Bocce ball, Italian Market, and a bounce house are only a few of the activities that will be ongoing throughout the day.

      The festival on Saturday in its entirety will last from 12 to 11:00 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults, and free for children and Tour de Dickinson participants.


      - 12:00p.m. Opening Ceremony

      - 12:15p.m. Bill Haase Orchestra

      - 1:15p.m. Italian Fest King and Queen Crowning

      - 1:30p.m. Bill Haase Orchestra

      - 2:45p.m. Pizza Dough Tossing Competition

      - 3:15p.m. Tom Gursky and Anastasia Lee

      - 3:45p.m. Italian Idol

      - 4:15p.m. Jan and Gino

      - 5:45p.m Grape Stomping Competition

      - 6:15p.m. Jan and Gino

      - 8:00p.m. The Cadillacs