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      Volleyball fundraiser helps people in need

      Thirteen teams played a game of four-on-four volleyball at Marquette Mountain Sunday. Money raised from the games goes towards Child and Family Services in Marquette. The program offers support for families and children in need.

      This is the first time the organization decided to put on a volleyball game.

      "I play on the leagues here at Marquette Mountain on Tuesday nights, and I think we have about 30 teams on that night, so I said, hey why not get a volleyball fundraiser going and see how much money we can make and how big of a turnout we can get," said Tina LaValley, event coordinator.

      Over 100 people played in Sunday's game and the fundraiser raised around $800.

      The volleyball game is the last summer event of the season for the organization.

      If you are interested in helping Child and Family Services of the Upper Peninsula, click here.