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      Volunteering in your community

      Don't let the cold keep you from being active in your community! Volunteering can be easy for you and helpful for many.

      "I've found in my life that when I give, I feel better about myself, so it's kind of a big, happy hug. I mean, it's kind of corny, but it's true. You feel better when you give back," said retired Senior Volunteer Program Director, Amy Mattson.

      From volunteer firefighting to just driving senior citizens to doctor appointments, there are many simple and easy ways to help out your community and give back.

      Local school districts, medical facilities, nursing homes, and various community functions are just a few places that are always in need of volunteers, and all of those options are just a phone call, short visit, or email away.

      The UP 200 is one organization that is still in need of volunteers for this weekend's race. They already have many, but 150 volunteers are still needed for crowd control and at the road crossings the mushers will come into contact with.

      UP 200 Volunteer Coordinator, Anna Sanford, said, "We couldn't do the race without the many volunteers."

      The race is only one of many organizations that is centered around volunteers. If there aren't any volunteers, there won't be an event.

      Long-term volunteers are the backbone of the Women's Center and Harbor House in Marquette. Volunteers with both organizations are trained to help people dealing with a variety of situations, from domestic violence to sexual assault to housing needs.

      Harbor House Youth Advisor, Amy Kordus, said, "We definitely want to have our volunteers get a good experience and feel like they're making a difference in the lives of our community members."

      Positive differences made in your community is something that anyone can feel proud of. Knowing that you made the changes or had a hand in them, is even better.

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