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      Volunteers assist Children's Museum in digging out

      The store located inside the Upper Peninsula Children's Museum has been flooded, and the staff is looking for volunteers to help.

      According to museum staff, the water started to come in Monday and now it has soaked the carpet in the store. Volunteers arrived throughout the day to help shovel snow built up on the backside of the building.

      As that snow melted, the water worked its way down into the store on the lower level.

      "So the city works people have been amazing, they've helped us and now we're calling for lots of people to come and help us move the snow and then we won't have that drainage happening and it was just flowing right into the Children's Museum which is then flowing down the wall into our store," said UPCM Director, Nheena Wyer Ittner.

      The store is closed until cleanup can be completed, but the Children's Museum is open, holding their normal hours of operation.