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      Volunteers needed to build playground at Barkell Elementary

      Barkell Elementary will receive a new playground this weekend. Teachers and parents are asking for help from the community to put it all together.

      About 30 volunteers are needed to assemble the playground. Bring your shovel, rake, and any wrenches you might have, as well as clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

      Teachers say they have been informed that the build will be simple, and there will be a playground representative present to assist as well. The build will begin Saturday at 8 a.m. and continue until everything is finished.

      â??When they come outside, I want them to wear out, to get their energy out so that when they come back inside, they're ready to sit and learn,â?? said kindergarten teacher, Amanda Andress. â??I think that parents will see that when the kids are excited to come to school to have a new playground and just run around and have a good time with their friends, it's going to make for a better school day inside the building as well.â??

      If you'd like to volunteer, you are free to just show up at the Barkell Elementary School playground Saturday morning.