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      Volunteers pitch in to clean Marquette beaches

      D ozens of v olunteers hit the beaches in M arquette Saturday to help keep the shoreline clean. M eantime, divers scoured the bottom of L ower H arbor as well looking for garbage.

      T he coastal cleanup is sponsored by the N ature C onservancy of M ichigan and the M oosewood N ature C enter. I t's inspired by the O cean C onservancy which holds a worldwide cleanup.

      H ere in M arquette, organizers are looking to identify the kind of garbage collected to figure out a solution to prevent the poll ution.

      "O bviously one of the main goals today is to clean the beaches up, but one of the other things that we're trying to do is find out what are the most commonly found pieces of garbage out here, and not only that, but what are the solutions once we figure out what's commonly found, " said Chris Cantway of the Nature Conservancy of Michigan.

      O ne of the most common items found along the shores are cigarette butts.