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      Voters to decide on a new library

      Voters in Forsyth Township will decide on a 6,000 square foot addition in Gwinn on next week's ballot. That's because the Forsyth Township Public Library has outgrown its space.

      Two of the four proposals on the ballot will ask for a millage and a bond to build and maintain a new library. The proposals ask for a bond of $1.5 million and .50 mills that would raise approximately $80,000 for the library. The facility would be close to Gilbert Elementary School. It would include a community room, a children area and a better media setting. It's been 30 years since the library upgraded its space.

      "People really need a space to be able to sit down and read," said Kathy Holma, the library's director. "We have a lot of people that bring in their laptop and other portable computers, electronic devices; we currently have a WiFi service, but we don't have any place for people to sit down at tables and plug in their laptop."

      Two millage proposals for the township's police department will also be on the ballot. Voting will take place on May 8.