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      'W' and all contents sold to Van Damme

      The former "W" recreation center, and all of its contents have been sold to one buyer.

      Saturday morning's auction lasted less than 10 minutes before Mike Van Damme, owner of M.J. Van Damme Inc., snagged it for the starting bid price of $80,000.

      As required by the auctioneer, Van Damme placed a $10,000 down payment on the former "W" and its contents Saturday. Van Damme is a local businessman who owns a farm in Cornell and a trucking company. He wouldn't speak to our cameras directly but told us off-air that he's considering a number of options for the property. West Branch Township representatives tell us that Van Damme doesn't plan to tear it down.

      "The building, as far as I understand, is still going to stand and stuff, so they're going to utilize the building but not sure for what. You know they don't want us to know what the reason is at this point," said West Branch Township Supervisor, Jack Heidtman.

      As part of the auction deal, all of the equipment inside the "W" also belongs to Van Damme. His purchase is non-refundable.