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      Waiting for snow at Mount Bohemia

      The ski lift at Mount Bohemia is now repaired and ready to be used for the new year.

      A gear in the ski lift cracked earlier this fall for unknown reasons. The gear box from the ski lift was sent to Canada for repairs at the end of October. The installation of the new box was a month ahead of schedule, and the new triple lift system is in place.

      Opening day, however, is delayed until January because of mother nature.

      "That's the only thing holding us up now," said Mt. Bohemia president Lonie Glieberman. "The lift is basically ready to go. It needs one more installation, which is about eight hours of work, and basically now our hold up is just not enough snow."

      Mount Bohemia is tentatively scheduled to open on January 9. The opening day could be pushed back again if the area doesn't receive enough snow.