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      Waiting game continues

      Itâ??s been ten days since the government shutdown. While lawmakers wrestle to find a solution, government workers affected by the financial crisis continue playing the waiting game.

      When asking mother Karen Caruity, an Escanaba resident, how long her family can go on, she responded itâ??s "uncertain."

      "When you have that taken away and you have six kids to provide, including a new baby who requires a lot, it does put a little pinch into your life," said the mother.

      Since the shutdown on October 1, approximately 800,000 of the government's two-million employees have been furloughed. And while the rest are still working, including Karenâ??s husband, they aren't being compensated.

      "Itâ??s very difficult to have to worry how you're going to meet your financial needs," admitted Karen.

      Thursday morning, House Speaker John Boehner announced a short-term debt deal to raise the debt ceiling through November 22 to avoid default.

      The Associated Press reports the White House says the deal is an "encouraging sign."

      But this family of eight, who says savings can only last so long, hopes the government can make a more solid decisionâ?|soon.

      "Raise the debt ceiling," Karen stated. "So we can move forward and get our hard working people back to the workforce and get paid for it, so we can take care of our families."