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      Walk a mile in her shoes

      April is Sexual Assault Awareness month.

      And in honor of that, the national Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event will be taking place next week.

      At 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 22, everyone is encouraged to meet up at the steps of the National Guard Armory in Marquette.

      Men will don high heels in support of women, and all will walk together up Lincoln Street.

      "This is really about men walking in high heeled shoes to remove the gender roles in a show of support against sexual violence towards women, and also in honoring survivors," said Kelly Laakso, Sexual Assault Advocate at the Women's Center in Marquette.

      Northern Michigan University's Phi Sigma Sigma have been raising funds to support sexual assault victims, and will present donations of toiletry items to the Women's Center before the walk.

      All are invited, and if you can make it, be sure to bring a pair of high heels.