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      Walk a mile in my shoes

      What does it feel like to have a disability? The Delta County Regional Inclusive Community Coalition is giving community members the opportunity to experience some hardships many of our neighbors face on a daily basis.

      The Walk a Mile in my Shoes event hopes to create an awareness and greater understanding of people with disabilities. Community members will have the opportunity to walk a mile using equipment that people with physical challenges need for daily use.

      ??Try opening a jar with your fingers taped,?? said RICC member Brenda Crow. This shows the community what it is like to have severe arthritis. ??Try walking up steps using crutches, trying different foods with somebody else feeding them. Maybe they have a visual impairment.??

      The Walk a Mile in my Shoes event is taking place this Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Delta Plaza Mall in Escanaba.