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      Walking to school for the health of it

      You may have seen a few more empty buses Wednesday morning in the Marquette area due to the fact that about 75 students at Bothwell Middle School traded the yellow bus for walking shoes as part of "Walk to School Day". The kids were guided by both chaperones and YMCA volunteers. Walk to School Day events are held nationwide, and the YMCA is sponsoring the events for the Marquette Area Public School district. Coordinators say events like Wednesday's teaches kids healthy habits, while helping the environment.

      "And it's just so important to encourage kids to walk and bike safely. As we're going into summer, those are components we want to add...we want to add that education so that they cannot get injured," said Y Senior Health & Wellness Leader, Jenna Zdunek.

      Once the students arrived at school, they were offered refreshments. Next week the YMCA is sponsoring a bike to school day for the district.