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      Wall Street closes at all-time high

      It's been a very good day on Wall Street as the Dow Jones closed above 14,000, the highest it's been since 2007.

      The Dow Jones has been trending higher for awhile and stands only 155 points away from its highest close ever.

      An optimistic jobs report is helping push the blue chips up.

      The Dow overall is increasing close to seven percent since the start of the new year. Financial advisors say this could be an indication the market is improving.

      "Stocks are reflecting the values that they have now. Companies are making money. They're buying back their stocks, they're increasing their dividends. The only thing that they haven't done in really robust numbers is hire more people, and we're starting to see some indications that that is occurring now," said Eric Luttinen, financial advisor for Edward Jones.

      The Dow has more than doubled since hitting a low of 6,547 back in March of 2009.