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      Walleye season is here once again

      The weather might not show it, but today was the start of Walleye season in the U.P. Cold temperatures and a few snowflakes did not prevent anglers from trying their luck out on the waters. Fishermen at the mouth of the Escanaba River were out bright and early to take on the challenge.

      "I think overall it will be a good start to the season. We had a later than usual spawn this year so there's going to be more fish in the bay than what you normally see for an opener," said Chris Wahl, owner of Bayview Bait and Tackle.

      Yesterday at the Bayview Bait and Tackle Shop in Escanaba, fishermen were preparing for today buying their licenses, bait, and everything else needed to reel in that big fish.

      It was a slow start this morning, but fishermen are not discouraged. Anglers are receiving bites, so the fish are out there and it's up to you to go catch them.