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      Want to be an extra in a movie?

      A group of filmmakers who are shooting a movie in parts of the Upper Peninsula were in Iron Mountain on Thursday prepping for an event where people can sign up to participate in the film.

      Co-director Seth Anderson and producer Jason Hagen are creating a science fiction film called Northstar. Much of their filming is taking place in areas of Iron Mountain, including the old Ford Plant. An open-house event is happening this Saturday, December 21, at the Izzo-Mariucci Center, where people can sign up to be in the film or help behind the scenes.

      â??Northstar is a science fiction action movie about a group of survivalists who are trying to survive after an event has decimated North America,â?? said co-director, Seth Anderson. â??They found their way up here in the Northwoods.â??

      â??We need a lot of background extras,â?? said producer, Jason Hagen. â??Weâ??re looking to hire local actors as well for some featured extra parts, so they'll actually say lines on camera.â??

      The event on Saturday will allow the public to ask questions about the film and receive more information on filming dates and how to get involved. Click here to be directed to their Facebook page for more information on the event. The film is expected to be released sometime in the early summer of 2015, and film shooting is set to happen in the fall of 2014, where filming takes place in Iron Mountain and parts of Sawyer.

      Click here to visit the film website.