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      Want to house some Germans?

      Interested in bringing some authentic German influence into your home? An opportunity to do so is coming to Dickinson County the second week of October. The community is looking forward to having over 80 Germans in town for a special concert performance. The orchestra comes from Alzey-Worms, Germany, and their tour is through The Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.

      They will perform on Tuesday, October 8, at the Kingsford High School auditorium at 7 p.m. The musicians will be in town for four days, so there is a need for host families. â??The big part of this program is to stay in actual American homes, and they just want to be part of an American family for a few days and see a few of our sites and find out how we function as families,â?? said coordinator, Emily Ritsema. â??The host families' obligation is just to provide a bed, a few meals, and transportation back and forth to the high school for the rehearsals.â??

      If you are interested in being a host family, you can contact Emily Ritsema at (906) 282-2776 or you can reach her by email at .