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      Warm temps pose threat to MTU snow statues

      Winter Carnival activities are currently underway at Michigan Tech, but with the recent warm temperatures, many are left wondering if all of those snow statues will hold up.

      On Monday, there was a slight drop in temperature which helped keep the statues from melting and turning to slush. There are only two days left for students to finish building, and this Wednesday, the statues will face the judges.

      The Blue Key Society is in charge of Winter Carnival, and they say despite the concerns, all of the events will still go on.

      "The warm weather has hurt us a little bit," said Statue Chair Nathan Saliga. "It helped that we got a lot of snow in the beginning, so when they're out doing their blocks and forms, they had a lot of snow to work with. It's melting a little bit right now, but hopefully with the cold weather tomorrow, and we'll get a little bit of snow will help them out."

      Two to four inches of snow is expected to fall throughout the night, and the grounds crew at Michigan Tech will continue to truck in as much snow as needed for students to finish their statues.