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      Warm up your taste buds

      The annual Northern Michigan University Chili Challenge is Tuesday. This year nearly 20 challengers will step up and put their best bowl forward. In addition to the chili, there will be raffles and auctions with all proceeds going to benefit Marquette's Beacon House. Organizers say you don't have to travel far to find good chili.

      "I go and I talk to these organizations, and there's always one person that jumps up and goes 'I have a great chili recipe; I have one that everybody loves that people always tell me that I could sell,' and it's just something like that. People that cook for a pasttime like something that they enjoy," said organizer James Sheff. "You don't have to be in Texas to have great chili. You can find it right here at the Jacobetti Commons."

      The Chili Challenge kicks off Tuesday at 3 p.m. at the Jacobetti Complex. Awards will be handed out for most original chili, best use of heat and best overall. Donations for the Beacon House are also welcome. They're looking for paper products and hygiene products.