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      Warmer summer, better economy

      As you might know, the U.P. has experienced a very mild winter this past year. With a lack of snow, by 50 inches, some people were concerned for the local economy.

      That means it was significantly warmer than usual. So, are we going to see a hotter summer this year?

      Megan Babich, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Marquette, says if trends stay up, it's very possible.

      "We do our forecast based on what's been happening over the past few months, and the past few months have been above normal. So that would lead us to believe it would be above normal this summer," said Babich.

      She also says temperatures have been three to six degrees above average for the past several months. Lake Superior is a key factor for this summer. The water is estimated to get as warm as 70 degrees, which will have people hitting the beaches into late fall.

      Alison Silk with Marquette County Convention and Visitor's Center says more people out and about means more business for the U.P.

      "This past year we had over 21,000 people just at McCarty's Cove. So our beaches are becoming a huge attraction in Marquette. Pairing that with all the restaurants, hotels, and the great events, we are hoping it's really looking good for Marquette," says Silk.

      They estimate $40 million will get funneled back into the local economy this summer.