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      Warmer weather brings about boating preparation

      Even though there's still ice on the lakes, soon enough, you'll want to pull out the boat.

      After the long winter we've had, you may need to do a lot of work to get your boat ready for the waters.

      Before you take sail, there'll be some key steps you'll need to remember to prepare your boats.

      Frank Mallette of Marquette Power Sports says, "You want to make sure that you've done the right things with fluids in the engine. That you've stored it properly, covered it properly." He adds, "If it was stored outside, especially with this winter, you want to make sure that the cover stayed secure and it isn't filled with ice and water."

      You'll also want to make sure your boat is stocked with an emergency kit which may include a first aid kit, flare guns, water bottles and blankets.

      According to meteorologist, Lake Superior is still over 60% frozen over.