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      Warning: Dangerous ice conditions, despite cold temps

      The Upper Peninsula Power Company issued a warning on Monday regarding ice conditions near hydro-electric facilities.

      UPPCO is warning people that recreational winter activities on ice near the hydro-electric facilities could be dangerous. According to UPPCO, water flows beneath the ice are continually changing near hydro dam operations, which can lead to some dangerous ice conditions.

      "With recent cold snaps, folks are lulled into thinking ice should be thick and safe to be on," stated Virgil Schlorke, Manager of Regional Generation for UPPCO. "That may be the case on standing bodies of water, but not the case near hydro-electric facilities. Water below the ice continues to flow at a rapid pace not allowing the ice to thicken."

      UPPCO operates seven hydroelectric dams and four storage reservoirs in the Upper Peninsula, located along the Dead River, Escanaba, Ontonagon and Sturgeon Rivers.