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      Washing cars and supporting the troops

      Anna Dravland (right)
      A group of dedicated volunteers washed cars in Marquette to support local troops Saturday.

      Dozens of drivers pulled into Superior Express Care and Wash to support the fundraiser. For only $10 they received a wash, barbecue lunch, and entry into a raffle. Superior Express also donated $10 for every oil change. All food, prizes, and materials were donated so that all money raised goes to the troops. Anna Dravland organized the event to support the 107th Engineer Battalion out of Ishpeming and the 652nd Engineer Company out of Harvey, where her boyfriend serves. Money raised supports family-related activities for the soldiers.

      "Honestly, at the end of the day, I think it comes down to I think they deserve it, and I think their families deserve it... I just think it's really important to make sure they can have as much fun as they can when they are together to maintain those relationships with their families when they're gone for so long," said Dravland.

      Dravland plans to make this an annual event.