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      Watch for $2 bills

      Donâ??t be surprised if two dollar bills start showing up in your change next week. For the third year in a row the Island Resort and Casino will be presenting each of the LPGA Symetra Tour golfers with 100, two dollar bills as part of their welcome packet.

      With 144 golfers from 30 countries and 40 states, the tour brings about $500,000 to the area. Nearly $30,000 of that is from the casinoâ??s welcome packets.

      The casino hopes businesses will see these two dollar bills and recognize the economic impact the golfers have on our town.

      â??When theyâ??re given their gift we ask them to spend those before they spend their own money so that the community sees those,â?? said Island Resort and Casino championship co-chair Tony Mancilla. â??Theyâ??re going to circulate through the community, theyâ??re going to know that this is a really worthwhile event to have here.â??

      Businesses and banks are asked to keep these bills in circulation for the community to see.

      The Symetra tour takes places June 27-29.