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      Watch out for wildlife

      Warmer weather will be here eventually.

      And when the weather warms up, wildlife comes out.

      The Department of Natural Resources is warning residents to be aware.

      The DNR says despite the snow we have, animals know when it's spring, and will start to come out of hibernation.

      Biologist Brian Roell says food and mating are the two driving forces behind the sudden increase in wildlife.

      He says we'll soon be seeing bears and more deer.

      "Their stomach is driving them so much in the spring. They're really looking for a lot of high calorie food source and we're probably going to have a delayed green-up here because of the harsh winter we''ve had and it's still continuing, so these bears are going to be extra hungry," said Roell.

      Roell says birdseed is especially attractive to bears, because of it's high fat content.

      He recommends those who feed the birds take down their feeders now, before the bears can get to them.