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      Watch out, they're on the Percussive Attack!

      They're loud, and they're proud!

      Kids, young and old, tapped into their musical side Monday while attending the first day of Percussive Attack Camp, hosted this year by Northern Michigan University's Music Department.

      "Percussive Attack Camp students love to come here. They look forward to this every year. It's a weeklong of playing percussion and drums where they get to bang on things and they're not at home where they have to be quiet. They get to come here and be loud." said Carrie Biolo, Artistic Director of Percussive Attack Camp.

      The camp is in its fourth year, and some of the participants keep coming back for more.

      Everyone is able to try all types of percussion instruments and even some non-conventional instruments.

      "Well, this is actually my first year doing it," said seven-year-old Charlie Biolo. "I kind of like doing the shakers."

      The camp focuses on the fundamentals of percussion playing and learning to explore with rhythm. Students also learn the traditional rudiments of snare drum playing.

      "I don't think it's what anyone would expect because Carrie has such a creative soul. There's a lot of improv-y stuff and experimenting all the different sounds that anyone can know about an instrument, instead of just playing it," said 15-year-old Irja Maki, a participant at the camp.

      At the conclusion of camp, all of the participants will be playing at the band shell at 7 p.m. Friday night. Afterwards, they'll lead the audience on a walk through Lakenenland, playing the statues.