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      Water surrounds Negaunee Township home

      Fast melting snow and recent rains have left one Negaunee Township home surrounded by water. The house at 130 Midway Drive is in a low-lying area. There is also four inches of water in the basement of John Makinen's home.

      Makinen is an injured veteran who served in Iraq, and has received a lot of help from his family and friends with setting up pumps inside the house and digging holes outside. He said most of the water is coming in from the back yard.

      "We have to make some sandbags, throw some sandbags around the side of the house where the water is coming in, try and drain that from there," Makinen said. "If we can slow the water from coming in, then we can get the water out of the house and keep it out of the house."

      Makinen said his yard has not flooded this bad since 2001.

      "When we get a lot of snow at the end of the season like this and it melts super fast, three day stretch, the water just accumulates so fast it has nowhere to go," he said.

      The water level Wednesday morning was the worst that it has been all year. Makinen had to use a bike to get from the road to his house. His family was hoping to get a boat sometime today.

      "A friend of mine deemed our house the ark because it's filled with animals and surrounded by water, so we'll see how that works," Makinen said with a chuckle.