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      Water tower woes

      The village of Newberry has had a rough winter this year. Along with 80 freeze ups, their water tower is leaking.

      Newberryâ??s water tower has sprung four leaks. The first is a small hole in the side panel. Its cause is still under investigation.

      â??Weâ??re not going to be surprised if it is in fact a bullet hole,â?? said Newberry village manager Charles Cleaver. â??Itâ??s happened before with this tower.â??

      That hole is not the only problem. Three leaks are located in the base of the tower. In 2012, four brass plugs were places into the tankâ??s base. Three of the brass plugs are believed to have been damaged due to heavy ice buildup from this yearâ??s severe winter. For more than a week, water has been flowing from some, or all, of these areas, at once.

      The village has scheduled the tower to be repaired this Wednesday.

      â??Despite the leak in the tower right now, and the need to take the tower off line, Newberry Water and Light anticipates being able to supply necessary needs for the community,â?? said Eric Buckler, Newberry Water and Light superintendent.

      During this time, the residents will receive their water from the village wells through the distribution mains and service lines.

      Between the wasted water, damage, and repairs, the estimated cost of the water tower issue is between $15-25,000.

      The village is not planning to pass those costs along to their community members.

      â??Weâ??re hoping the insurance company will be kind to us,â?? Cleaver said. â??Possibly we will receive some insurance funds towards that. But, weâ??re not looking to increase taxes at all.â??

      Residents who have further questions about the tower are encouraged to call the Newberry Water & Light office at (906) 293-5681.