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      Waterfront Gala Kicks Off Harbor Fest

      Harbor Fest kicked off on Thursday night with the 4th annual Waterfront Gala at Lower Harbor Park. The gala is a fundraiser for Marquette West Rotary. The rotary's goal is to raise over $25,000. They will divide the proceeds up between local organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and the U.P Children's Museum.

      "We kind of came up with this idea of having a Waterfront Gala to kind of kick off our Harbor Fest as a celebration," Marquette West Rotary Member Christine Pesola said. "This is a chance for us to come and socialize and network, and this is actually a very good component of our fundraising effort here."

      The gala offered food, music and several auction items. People had a chance to win Packer tickets, wine, and even a diamond in a glass of champagne.